Marcum LX 7 Review

  • Display
  • Sonar
  • Ease of use
  • Price

Marcum LX 7 ReviewOne of the top of the line fish finders from Marcum is the LX 7 model. Its innovative design and technology has really transformed the game of fishing on frozen water. It features an optimum blend of sonar DNA and digital fish finding technologies. The result is an amazing interactive ice fishing experience. It offers multiple features that will make fishing easier and more fun.

On the big LCD display you can have complete control of how the sonar information is displayed. All the settings give maximum flexibility. To get more details of the features that make this fish finder stand out among competitors continue reading this Marcum LX 7 review.


LCD Display

The Marcum LX 7 features a panoramic 8 inch LCD screen with 800x600px that offers vibrant sonar images. The images are crisp, clear and sharp. There are four color palettes you can select to your preference. You can either choose an auto setting or adjust it manually.

The display also has backlighting, which is also adjustable. That can be convenient, for example, if you want to extend battery life. So if you set the backlight to 50 percent, then you expect to get about 14-15 hours of battery life. To extend the battery life you can also reduce the brightness level.

The Battery

The unit comes with a rechargeable 12V battery and a charger cord. The fish finder comes ready to fish right out of the box. You just plug it in, charge the battery, and it’s ready for use.



Marcum LX 7 displayThis Marcum LX 7 fish finder is powered by a powerful sonar engine, which provides quick generation of the underwater pictures and shows them on the real-time display. In under 0.2 seconds the transducer picks up the echo reading and displays it on the LCD screen. The peak to peak power of this Marcum unit is 4800 watts, which makes the sonar able to reach down to depths of 300 feet.

The fish finder uses Sonar Footprint Technology that provides 3-dimensional coverage of the bottom area at any depth.

The sonar of Marcum LX 7 also features 1/2” target separation, which allows to distinguish two objects as two different targets. So you will be able to distinguish, for example, two fish that are located close together, or a fish that is located close to the structure.

The displays also allows you to zoom in on the data on the screen. You can either zoom in in 1-inch increments or select one of the four auto zoom windows.


The dual beam transducer offers two options of either 8 degree or 20 degree cone angle. The cone angle covers the area directly under the transducer. It does not look forward and there’s no side imaging, which will not make it suitable for fishing from a boat, but a perfect choice for ice fishing.


The large screen provides a user-friendly dashboard, on which you can view digital depth, range, gain, battery voltage, target adjust, and more.

You can customize the window viewing on the display. It can either be water-column vertical, flasher-dial, vertical zoom, or the traditional horizontal graph displays.

The Marcum LX 7 offers really impressive customization. It includes adjustment of brightness and color, range, beam angle, target id, zooming in, selection of how to view the windows, and more.


  • Adjustable color, brightness and backlighting of the screen
  • Clear and sharp images on the display
  • Quick generation of sonar readings
  • 5 different window displays and you can view up to 3 of them at once
  • Zoom feature anywhere in the water column
  • The software of the fish finder can be updated (it features a USB port for upgradability)
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Completely silent
  • 2 year warranty


  • Some users complained about the battery connectors. To eliminate this issue just tighten them up before use.


The Bottom Line

The Marcum LX 7 provides amazing detail and response. It’s one of the most advanced ice fishing finders available on the market. The resolution and sensitivity is just impressive. The large screen with multiple window viewing options is definitely a benefit, allowing to choose one that suits your needs best. I hope this Marcum LX 7 review has given you an understanding of what to expect from this fish finder.