Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touch Review

  • Display
  • Sonar
  • GPS
  • Ease of use
  • Price

The Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touch is yet another entry onto the fish finder/chart plotter market and certainly seems to come with all of the expected bells and whistles attached. Claiming to be one of the easiest to use, yet most detailed tools available to the modern day angler, the HDS 9 gen2 Touch allows you to ascertain a detailed, incredibly accurate representation of the body of water below you, allowing you to navigate and locate with incredible ease. Combine these factors with advanced mapping tools and incredible usability, and you have one of the most comprehensive packages currently available upon the market.


Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touch ReviewThe Screen

The HDS 9 gen2 comes as standard with a 7-inch, high definition touch screen that gives an incredibly detailed insight into each and every task you wish this tool to undertake, from Downscan imaging to Broadband sounding. Both tasks can sit side by side on-screen, allowing you to view multiple data at once and save valuable time that can be spent on the activity of fishing itself.

You can, if you wish upgrade to a larger 12-inch screen, which offers even greater clarity than what was available previously.

Combine this with the fact that the screen utilises SOLARMAX PLUS technology to ensure that the image remains sharp no matter how bright the sun may shine, and you have one of the most advanced screens currently available in the field of fish finders and route plotters.

The Sonar Scanner

Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 sonarIntegral to this high-end piece of kit is the sonar scanner that comes as per standard with every unit. Operating at the highest end of the current spectrum, the unit offers either 455 or 800 kHz of operating power, each of which comes with its own unique advantages and thus allows you to view the bottom of the body of water with ease. Whereas 800kHz offers a much better resolution at shallower depths, all captured upon the 12-inch screen, the 455kHz frequency is where the features of the HDS 9 gen2 comes into its own.

Featuring StructureScan technology alongside Lowrance’s patented Broadband technology, and coming as per standard with 4 unique scanning channels the HDS 9 gen2 offers some of the most detailed resolutions currently available for depths of up to 300ft. This comes alongside a radius scan of some 328 metres and a clear picture at 40 mph which means detailed scans can be ascertained on the move and thus your path can be plotted quickly and accordingly to the structure within the water that you wish to navigate to.

The unit also integrates Downscan Imaging alongside traditional sonar to allow you as the angler to gain a much clearer image of what is found below you. Alongside the features that sonar can detect, the Downscan Imaging enables you to detect thermoclines within the water, alongside predator fish, bait fish, weed lines and obstacles makes spotting of fish and plotting your next move just that little bit easier than it was before.


Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 dual imagingInternal GPS Scanner

Most Lowrance products come with this feature built-in and this piece of kit is no different. Integrated into each and every unit is a 5 Hz antenna alongside a detailed initial map base of the 3,000 lakes within the North America region and it’s surrounding coastal waters. The unit also allows you to place over 3,000 waypoints alongside other functions, which over time builds into a detailed, accurate representation of some of the best fishing spots within your immediate locale.

Upgrading your cartography to other data available on the Navionics database is also a breeze thanks to the SD card slot located within the device.

Track Back Features

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to revisit previously charted waters whilst you are out on the water. However, by constantly plotting and saving your sonar history, Track Back allows you to view all of your Broadband Sounder and StructureScan HD sonar imaging data and pinpoint exactly the spot you are trying to view. If you are into deer hunting, rather than fish hunting, here is a website you might want to check. shootingandsafety.com

Ease of use

Central to Lowrance’s operations is ensuring that each and every one of their products is easy to use, no matter your level of expertise and the HDS 9 gen2 Touch is no different in this aspect. The full touch screen is leaps and bounds above other devices reliant upon a button controlled interface, enabling you to access the full screen rather than predetermined fields. Any options can also be customised by you, the user at any point also.

The swivel bracket that comes as standard with each unit is also incredibly satisfactory, being quick-release and coming with a full range of settings and positions to make viewing it comfortable and easy. Any issues with the unit are also addressed in the incredibly legible instruction manual, a nice additional touch.


  • Amazingly clear images
  • Split screen functions
  • A large, 480-480 7-inch screen
  • Extensive dual beam sonar coverage
  • StructureScan Imaging allows you to view what’s below you like never before
  • Integrated Downscan Imaging
  • Accurate GPS with a variety of features
  • Internal temperate sensor and thermocline detector
  • 300ft depth ability for razor sharp imagery
  • 1 year warranty


  • The unit is expensive, being one of the most complete units in the field of fish location and GPS tracking
  • As with some other Lowrance products, at first the unit can seem incredibly advanced and daunting


The Bottom Line

The Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 Touch is one of the most complete, user friendly devices available in the field of fish location and GPS tracking. It comes with all of the features one would associate from high-end Lowrance products, allowing you to see what is below you like never before thanks to the dual Downscan Imaging and StructureScan components. For the inexperienced angler whose previous attempts have been dangling a worm off of the edge of a boat in a pond, this may seem a somewhat advanced unit but for those wanting instant results with incredible user friendliness, you cannot go wrong with the Lowrance HDS 9 gen2. I hope that this Lowrance HDS 9 gen2 review has been helpful!