Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 Review

  • Display
  • Sonar
  • GPS
  • Ease of use
  • Price

The Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 is one of the premium products out on the market in fish finders and with good reason. It is an easy to use, functional and detailed fish finder with excellent sonar and built in StructureScan technology that makes the location of fish and structures within the water a breeze. The screen is also of great resolution which only makes viewing what is below you even easier. If you are looking for a fish finder that can do it all, then you should definitely consider this product. Reading this Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 review will help you understand why.


Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 ReviewThe Screen

The screen is one of the best factors about this impressive little unit. Able to show 3D imaging as well as 2D, The HDS 7 gen2 boasts a split screen capability alongside a 480 x 640 pixel resolution that shows high levels of detail and makes viewing what is below your boat incredibly simple.

The screen is also 6.4 inches corner to corner with fantastic lighting, making what is visible on screen easily viewable even in the most dramatic of light changes.

The Sonar

The sonar abilities of this unit are impressive thanks to the built in Broadband Sounder Unit. There are three frequencies that you can select from and these are 50/83/200 kHz and each one has its own advantages in regards to depth perception and structure detail. The unit can also read depths of up to 5,000 ft, making it ideal in covering just about any stretch of water that you can imagine.

The unit also allows you to set a depth line for your sonar alongside depth range, sensitivity and bottom lock, which helps you determine exactly what you want to catch and where you should do so.

Built into the unit, as with most Lowrance products is the StructureScan technology and this is essentially a culmination of Sidescan and Downscan technology, which gives you incredibly detailed imaging of the bottom of the body of water. When combined with said Sidescan and Downscan Imaging, the effect is even greater and really illuminates what is below you.


Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 transducerThe Transducer

As standard, this unit comes fitted with an impressive transducer unit. This allows you to clearly see all the thermoclines in your immediate body of water, thus making the targeting of fish easier. When combined with the clarity of the screen, this becomes a powerful tool to have at your disposal.

The Maps

With newer Lowrance products has come the invent of excellent StructureMap which gives one of the most detailed and thus, accurate ways for you to not only navigate, but to explore the bottom of the water body which you are in. There are 4 types of map utilised by the unit, these being Enhanced Basemaps, Insight HD Maps, Built in Insite Maps as well as the Navionics Navigation charts and each and everyone of these is excellent at providing you with the detail you require.


The GPS unit provided with the HDS 7 gen2 is excellent. It is an internal 5 Hz unit that is faster at updating you with information and its true effect is felt when you partner it with some of the other options you have available.

One of these is setting paths and plotting waypoints, which is handy not only for navigation but for potentially marking out the best fishing spots for future trips. The unit is able to store 5,000 waypoints and up to 200 routes, allowing you to have near-unlimited knowledge of the waters you have recently traversed in regards to prime fishing spots and general points of interest.

Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 multiple windowsTrackback Technology

Recently all Lowrance products have come with this feature and the HDS7 gen2 is no different. This allows you to highlight any waypoint on any chosen route at any time, and it also allows you to analyse your DownScan Imaging and other readings to determine just how worthy that chosen spot is. It is a powerful little tool that can save you considerable time when out on the water.


Usability is key when you are out angling and Lowrance have a pretty good go at it with this unit. They have tried to limit the number of face buttons so that navigation and selection is straightforward and it is for the most part. Thanks to the screen the determining of features in the water below you is a straightforward task and the unit is also easy to install. All you need is the cable that comes in the box and this plugs right into your mainframe.


  • This is an incredibly developed, well thought out piece of kit that caters for virtually all your needs
  • Impressive sonar capabilities
  • StructureScan is a great feature
  • StructureMap allows you to navigate like never before
  • Is able to locate fish easily
  • Good operating depths


  • The unit could be easier to use. Some menus have numerous sub-menus and options and it gets cluttered on screen
  • May not be suitable for beginners due to the technical nature



The Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 is an incredible piece of kit and if you have the money to spend it is highly recommended you do. With its advanced navigation options, excellent screen and ability to find fish combined with the great transducer, you have a powerful tool that any experienced angler could use to fish in their favour. It is expensive and a little confusing at times, but if you are prepared to learn it is worth it. I hope you have found this Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 review helpful!