Lowrance Elite 3X Review

The Lowrance elite 3x series fish finder is just one model amongst a range of devices that have been available since the last world war. These devices are useful for fishermen as they use sonar signals to detect fish that may be under or around the boat. This is especially useful for murky water and you can easily distinguish between debris and fish when you choose a fish finder.

This modern fish finder is great for those who enjoy fishing in a smaller vessel. The Lowrance elite 3x series has made a big impression thanks to many factors, including its portable size, low price tag and reliable results.



This fish finder could be perfect for you, even if you are on an entry-level budget. The Lowrance elite 3x is great for many budgets and offers many features for the cost, and great value for money.

Lowrance Elite 3X ReviewOptimum Use

You can use the Lowrance elite 3x in both daytime and night-time conditions. As different kinds of fish opt to be more active at different times of the day, this is a useful feature. The power button doubles up as a control for the backlight so that this device is as simple as possible to use.

The glare from the led backlight is kept to a minimum so that you can see the display clearly in any light conditions.

Search Technology

This fish finder has 2 frequencies, which can be easily switched between. These frequencies are used to search both under and around the boat.

You should switch to the 200kHz option so view the area around your boat. This is the best frequency to use when you want the finder to easily distinguish between the fish and any bait that you may be using whilst fishing.

The 83 kHz frequencies has a 60 degree cone of coverage and is good for picking up schools of fish or searching in large areas. This is the option you should choose to search beneath your boat.

Ease Of Use

Lowrance Elite 3X ease of useA simple press of a button controls most of the features that come as part of this fish finder device. You can benefit from the automatic and advanced signal process, which picks out objects at the bottom of the water.

When you purchase this fish finder, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to use.

There is a menu button that allows you to access customizable features, including the sensitivity of the sonar, the range, the frequency, noise reduction options, the ping speed, and the fish ID. You can even customize the data that is displayed on the screen and you can access the settings pages too.

The fish ID refers to the way that the finder illustrates the fish on the display. You can choose between viewing the fish as simply curved lines on the display, or choose a fish symbol for simplicity.

There is also an alarm feature and you can set different tracking options too. You can zoom in easily on any areas of the screen hat you want to take a better look at. There is a 4x zoom on this device.


You will receive a bracket with this device. This enables you to easily adjust the angle of the fish finder so that you can see it more easily. You can also easily remove the fish finder from the boat when you are not using it for security reasons.


Lowrance Elite 3X ease of useAll Season Optional Pack

If you would like to use this fish finder without a boat and you want to fish throughout the year, then you may want to consider purchasing the All Season additional pack for this fish finder. This will further enhance your experience.

If you purchase this pack, you will get, in addition to the fish finder, stored in a vinyl carrying bag:

  • 2 fish finder integrated mounts and a suction cup transducer mount.
  • Ice transducer for particularly cold weather conditions, which has a float and a cable.
  • A 83/200 kHz power cable and transducer
  • 12 v battery with a charger so that you can have all the portability you need, even if you don’t have a socket nearby.
  • 2 utility boxes in a stowaway style for easy storage.


The Lowrance elite 3x fish finder comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you would like additional peace of mind, you can choose to purchase an optional extra service option for the fish finder too.


  • So that you can see the display in any lighting condition, the Lowrance elite 3x offers you the option to control the backlight.
  • You can switch between frequencies with the simple press of the page button.
  • An advanced Signal Process makes this device as automatic as possible. Without needing to fiddle with any settings, you can be sure to see the waterbed clearly and with all the detail you need.
  • This entire device is very easy to use, so you don’t need to spend a long time trying to work out how it works or programming any special features.


  • Although you can purchase an all season pack separately, there are a few accessories that you miss out on when you purchase this device.



This Lowrance elite 3x review highlights just some of the great features and benefits that you can gain from purchasing this advanced fish finder. As it doesn’t have a hefty price tag, you can afford it even if you are on a low budget and you can expect reliable and accurate results from it.

The optional extras that you can purchase can make this device even more useful throughout the year whilst you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty and optional service packages that you can choose from.