iBobber Review

  • Display
  • Sonar
  • GPS accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Price

If you’re looking for an affordable fish finder that is portable and easy to set up, then the iBobber is a great choice. This device is compatible with Apple devices and is being developed to work with Android devices too.

This device connects easily to your smartphone or tablet, as you will find out in theis iBobber review. The iBobber costs around $99 and at this price, it is much cheaper than most fish finders on the market today. What’s more is that you can use your existing mobile device to control it, which is an item that almost everyone owns these days.



As the iBobber uses your mobile device as controller and uses the screen as its own display, you wont need to worry about this device being too expensive. You will save money as the manufacturers don’t need to include a high tech controller device for the fish finder. If you have a lower budget and if you take your mobile device with you anyway on fishing trips, then this is a great way to cut down on costs.

how ibobber worksConnectivity

The iBobber was designed to be used with Apple products and is highly compatible if you have an iOS device. It can be connected up to your device easily using your low energy Bluetooth connection. There are also plans to connect the iBobber to android devices too, so you wont be restricted to needing to use a certain kind of communication device with it.


As you may have experienced, a lot of devices that rely on a Bluetooth or wireless connection with your phone often end up using up the battery really quickly. You may be apprehensive of purchasing the iBobber as a result of this. You don’t need to worry however, as the iBobber requires a much weaker Bluetooth connection and uses less power as a result. Your battery will last longer and you’ll be able to use it for the duration of your trip without needing to worry about charging it.


The iBobber is really portable and will fit into a pocket, backpack or rucksack for easy transportation. There’s little to it really apart from the iBobber unit itself. This weighs a light 1.7 ounces and has a diameter of just 2.3 inches. You can hold it in your hand without any problem. As the name suggests, this device looks like a freshwater bobber.

ibobber sonarCapabilities

The transducer module on this iBobber operates with a 118khZ transducer. This transducer has the ability to scan depths of around 135 feet and can communicate with your mobile device when it is up to 100 feet away from you. This is great for ensuring that you can get the most accuracy and the best results. Considering that this is such a small device, this is very impressive.

Fish Finding

When the iBobber detects a fish, it can mark it based on it’s size. Fish are split into two size categories. These categories include those that are under 15 inches and those that are over 15 inches in length.

You can use the free app that accompanies this device on as many mobile devices as you wish and it allows you to control all the functions of the iBobber with ease. The cheaper price tag without the loss of any functionality makes it a great alternative to some of the more expensive fish finders.


ibobber reviewAdded Extras

When you purchase the iBobber, you can enjoy some great features like the lunar calendar. This calendar provides you with important information about the temperature, wind speed, chance of rain as well as the atmospheric pressure. These are all useful things to know when you are fishing so that you can gauge the best times to fish and when to call it a day.


Another great thing about the iBobber is that it lets you see a sonar display on a large screen. Most fish finders have a very small screen, usually no larger than a smartphone. Thanks to the free app that comes with the iBobber, you can view the complete image on your ipad. This gives you a much clearer and easier to read view that you wont get, even with the more expensive fish finders.

Even if you use a smartphone with this fish finder, you will find that the display is perfectly large enough to see the sonar image clearly, especially as smart phone screens are getting larger in size.


  • Extremely small and portable.
  • Easy to set up and to take away again
  • Works up to 100 feet away from your mobile device.
  • Uses low power Bluetooth for connectivity.
  • Costs less than $100.
  • Can scan to 135 feet beneath the water


  • You should take precautions if you will be using your mobile device with this fish finder, as you will damage your phone if it gets wet. The best way to do this is to use a waterproof case.



The iBobber is a great fish finder that offers a high quality and feature packed device at a very low price.

As long as you have a mobile device, you should have no problem with setting up this fish finder. This iBobber review explains just how effective the Bluetooth technology is, as you can use the device within a 100 foot range of your phone and thanks to the low power connection, you wont need to worry about your phone battery running out too quickly either.