Hummingbird Fish Finder Reviews


For most anglers finding the perfect fishing spot is not just a matter of using the sixth sense. We all need a little help and that’s where fish finders come in. If you are looking for a high quality fish finder, then you choose a model from one of the reputable brands.

One of them is Humminbird, which has been on the market for over three decades. Their fish finders are some of the most popular and best products that are available on the market. The company now has a wide range of products, with a line of fish finders, fish finder GPS combos, GPS chartplotters, digital depth sounders, and more.

Choosing one of the top quality Humminbird fish finders, you get high performance and a range of fish finding options. Below you can compare Humminbird fish finders and get more info on their benefits and drawbacks in these Hummingbird fish finder reviews.

Humminbird 1198c
  • Humminbird 1198c SI
  • 4 Customer rating
  • Frequency, kHz: 83/200, 455/800
  • Display size, inches: 10.4
  • GPS: yes
  • Price: $$$$
Humminbird PiranhaMAX 195C
  • Humminbird PiranhaMAX 195C
  • 4.7 Customer rating
  • Frequency, kHz: 200/455
  • Display size, inches: 3.5
  • GPS: no
  • Price: $$
Humminbird 409120-1 859ci HD
  • Humminbird 859ci
  • 4.6 Customer rating
  • Frequency, kHz: 200/83/50
  • Display size, inches: 7
  • GPS: yes
  • Price: $$$$
Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy
  • Humminbird 110 Fishin' Buddy
  • 4.1 Customer rating
  • Frequency, kHz: 200
  • Display size, inches: 4
  • GPS: no
  • Price: $$
Humminbird 561 review
  • Humminbird 561
  • 4 Customer rating
  • Frequency, kHz: 82/200
  • Display size, inches: 5
  • GPS: no
  • Price: $$
Humminbird 398ci
  • Humminbird 398ci
  • 4.1 Customer rating
  • Frequency, kHz: 200/83/455
  • Display size, inches: 3.5
  • GPS: yes
  • Price: $$$

Humminbird has developed different series of fish finders, from the entry level 300 series to professional 1100 series.


Humminbird fish finders use Down Imaging technology. This technology uses high frequency waves in such thin slices from the boat to the bottom that the images of the underwater come to you in remarkable clarity. So on the photo-like images you can get a clear view of what is going on underneath the boat, so you get better chances of targeting fish.

On most of these fish finders you will also find dual beam sonar with two frequencies. Some of the models like the 1198c offer frequency as high as 800 kHz. The lowest second frequency is on models Humminbird 561 and 1198c, which stands at 82 kHz.

Except PiranhaMAX and 110Fishin Buddy, the Humminbird fish finders offer split screen viewing. This allows the user to simultaneously view both sonar returns. Comparing the two sonars, the angler can get better understanding of what is going on underneath his boat. On the split screen you can zoom in to get greater detail.

The most powerful sonar models are the Humminbird 1198c (8000 watts PTP), 398ci and 859ci(4000 watts PTP). The 1198c fish finder is perfect for fishing in the very deep salt waters. There are not many fish finders on the market that offer 1500 feet depth capability. Moreover, the Down Imaging also offers vertical depth capability of 150 feet. So if you are a professional angler, this is the unit for you. On the other hand, if you need a fish finder for shallow waters, then either Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy with 240 feet depth capability or PiranhaMAX 195c with 600 feet depth capability should be your choice.

On some models like the 859ci you also get the SwitchFire feature that allows you to adjust how the sonar is displayed according to your fishing conditions. You can add or remove detail. In the clear mode you can filter out noise in agitated and shallow waters, reduce undesired clutter. In the max mode you can do the opposite to see more detail, such as structure, thermoclines, cover, fish, and even water currents.


Humminbird 1198c, 859ci and 398ci include a GPS chartplotter integrated into the fish finder. It comes preloaded with maps and using the built-in card slot you can also upload more advanced cartography as well as save waypoints. The GPS gives laser-targeted tracking results


Choosing one of the Hummingbird fish finders, you have model options with color or black and white screen. The pricier models of course are available with high resolution color screens. Viewing the underwater sonar returns on a color screen gives you better visibility of all the details and allows better tracking of the fish. The images are of photo-like quality. Also, one more benefit of the color screen is that most of them offer split screen viewing with two sonar return readings opened simultaneously. The black and white displays don’t have that feature.

The Bottom Line

Hummingbird has built a strong reputation over the years of their work. They have proven to provide good quality fish finders for anglers that can enjoy the many benefits of the advanced features they come with. The company has a wide range of models available to suit different needs, preferences and budget. In the chart above of this Hummingbird fish finder reviews we have compared the 6 top fish finders of this brand. If you would like to read a more detailed review on each of these 6 products, you can follow the Read Review link in the table.