Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Review

If you’re looking for a large screen fish finder at a reasonable price, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the Humminbird 999ci HD si combo. This high quality fish finder has a large 16:9 high definition screen that is large enough to be split into two sections if you want to view 2 different views at once.

Plenty of great benefits await you when you choose this device and this Humminbird 999ci HD si combo review is the perfect companion if you want to learn just how this device can help you when you’re out on the water.



Whilst this isn’t the cheapest fish finder on the market, you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible features if you decide on this model. If you have a slightly larger budget, you should certainly choose this finder as it offers excellent value for money when you consider the advanced technology that is used with it.

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo ReviewDisplay

A large 8-inch widescreen display ensures that you have a clear view of the area around your boat. Crystal clear graphics and the LCD construction mean that even in bright sunlight, you’ll be able to see the screen perfectly.

The screen is High Definition and has a display ratio of 16:9. With a 480 x 800 pixel resolution, this is a much better display than many of the other fish finders that you can purchase today.

Search Range

The side-imaging feature that is patented by Humminbird can search to 240 feet at either side of your boat. This allows you to see the fish that are around your boat, and picks out the fish amongst any bait or equipment that you may be using. You can see contour changes, structures and fish around your boat with this feature.

The downward imaging can give you details of any fish that may be under your boat and has a capability of around 150 feet. You will get the best results at these depths.

Whilst this downward range isn’t as advanced as some of the other models on the market, you can still get good accuracy, and if you are fishing in shallower fresh water, then this is all you need for excellent results.

This device uses Switchfire Sonar technology and is great if you want to record your every move. The sonar recording allows you to quickly save to memory card and you can take images of the screen view too. The viewing screen allows you to zoom in easily, even when the display is split and you can lock the lower part of the screen whilst you zoom too for easy use.


Humminbird 999ci HD SI sonarLocation And Tracking

To ensure that you can get the best possible accuracy from this fish finder, there is a 10Hz GPS receiver built in. This can precisely keep track of your location and it can then be mapped on the Contour XD Map. If you would like to load specialist charts, you can do so using the SD cards. You will need to ensure that the charts are compatible with Lakemaster and Navionics.

If you would like to network your fish finder, you can do so with ease thanks to the Ethernet port on the unit. The Humminbird 999ci HD SI is also compatible with an optional i-Pilot link that allows you to use it with trolling motors, radar, autopilots etc. You can save up to 45 routes and 50 tracks with the Humminbird 999ci HD SI.

Ease Of Use

Thanks to the large display and the large digits on the device, this is easy to view at a glance and you wont need to squint to see the fish. The display is in full color and the LCD means that even in bright sunlight there will be little glare.

It is possible to easily alter the colors of the display and you can select the background color too so that you can see the display better.

The charts on this device show in 3D, which makes it a little easier to interpret the results. You can also see a temperature graph and an alarm can be set to alert you to changes in temperature. The menu itself is straightforward and easy to use.


  • Large 8-inch color LCD viewing screen offers high definition, good resolution and clarity.
  • Split screen views give you the ability to view more of your surroundings simultaneously and you can even snapshot the display to a memory card.
  • GPS technology allows you to easily keep track of your location.
  • Sonar search technology accurately detects and plots the position of fish around you so that you can fish with precision.
  • SD Card expansion slots offer you plenty of room for saving data from the fish finder and you can load charts to the device too using SD cards.
  • Network this device with ease using the Ethernet port that is integrated.


  • This model is a little pricier than some of the other fish finders on the market. If you have a smaller budget, you may need to sacrifice some of the features that this model offers and opt for a cheaper unit.



For those who have a larger budget, this Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo review highlights all the great features that you can expect for your money. The high quality parts and the advanced technology that is used in this fish finder ensure that you can get the best possible accuracy and results when you are fishing. The additional SD card slots ensure that you can track your fishing pursuits over time, snapshotting the display and loading charts at just the push of a button.