Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy Review

  • Display
  • Sonar
  • Ease of use
  • Price

The Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy is a portable fish finder that will do just about everything that you could want it to. Not only does it make the locating of fish a breeze thanks to its incredibly legible and clear screen, it also has a powerful sonar unit and the transducer that comes attached to each and every unit is also impressive, able to show thermoclines within the water incredibly well. When combined with its chunky, reliable appearance and a good price, this is one of the best portable fish finders out there for you to buy.

The Screen

The screen is a 4-inch, 4 colour grayscale unit that is right in line with similar products in the field. Despite only being grayscale, everything that appears on the screen is incredibly easy to read and the level of detail that Humminbird have managed to condense onto the screen is impressive.

When the unit thinks that it has scanned a fish, it will show an icon on the screen stating it thinks so and this helps the angler in determining where the catch is. It is features like this all throughout the unit that make the screen even more impressive.

The resolution, some 128 x 160 pixels is also excellent which means good levels of detail can be shown. As per standard, the screen is also backlit which makes viewing it from any angle, any time of day incredibly simple.


The Humminbird 110 Fishin Buddy utilises a single beam sonar which has both good coverage and good depth reading abilities. Whilst not the most advanced of units, it still scans at some 200kHz and this is more than capable of showing fish and structures up to some 240ft below you.

The scanning unit also covers a broad range thanks to the sonar unit being at 34 degrees and -10 db which gives you great coverage of the water below you. This makes the job of locating fish and structures in the water incredibly simple.

As with most other portable units, the Fishin Buddy 110 is most adept at reading depths below 8 metres and when your vessel is travelling at medium speeds.


The transducer unit for this fish finder is also impressive. Once again incredibly similar to other installed units, the temperature reading abilities are second to none which helps massively with the potential locating of your catch. Thermoclines in the water are detected and shown well, once again due in part to the excellent screen.

Unlike other Humminbird portable products the transducer is fixed, but you will find that it is fixed in a position that only makes the reading of the waters temperature incredibly simple.

Other Usability Features

Other Humminbird portable products are battery powered and the Fishin Buddy 110 is no different. To start catching and locating fish, all you need is 6 x AA batteries that plug right into the back of the unit and thanks to the quick start up and easy set up, you will be catching fish in no time! The battery life is reportedly up to 10 hours.

The unit attaches itself to whatever you wish via a clamp. This means that you can be traditional and set it out the back of your boat, or you can be a little more unorthodox and attach it to your kayak if you wish. How you approach and use this unit is entirely up to you!

Humminbird prefer robust design throughout much of their product line and this is something that the Fishin Buddy 110 has plenty of. It is a rounded, chunky design and the fascia buttons are also incredibly solid and weighty to the touch. To navigate around the screen there are only three buttons that you need to press which helps greatly in the usability aspect also. The clamp is also excellent and robust.


  • The unit is great value for money and is one of the best portable fish finders you can buy
  • The sonar, whilst single beam is incredibly effective
  • Can be attached virtually anywhere
  • Great transducer
  • Excellent, clear screen with good resolution
  • Great usability and feel, with an easy to navigate screen and thick, chunky buttons


  • Similar products do usually have colour screens and this is something that the Fishin Buddy 110 could benefit from
  • Unlike some other portable devices, the transducer is not flexible and thus you cannot position it in the water exactly how you would like
  • The battery life is poor compared to other products



The Humminbird Fishin Buddy 110 is an impressive little device and is definitely one worthy of your attention if you are looking for a fish finder that is compact, robust, incredibly usable and detailed in how it surveys the body of water below you. The screen is excellent and you can place it literally anywhere that you see fit. Whilst the battery life could be improved and the transducer flexible, on the whole this is a fish finder more than worth picking up. I hope you have found this Humminbird Fishin Buddy 110 review helpful.