Garmin Echomap 50s Review

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A Fish Finder that is popular among professionals, the Garmin Echomap 50s, is all about convenience and accuracy. This model is a compact Fish Finder that is simple to use, yet full of technology and is a balanced competitor against some of its similar counterparts such as the Humminbird 788ci Combo and the Lowrance Elite 5 DSI. If you are in the market for a larger Fish Finder then this Garmin Echomap 50s Review may not appeal to you.

Garmin products have been at the forefront of the marine GPS market and the Echomap50s upholds the quality standard of handheld Fish Finders that the company has built for so long.



Garmin echoMAP 50s reviewThe Echomap 50s has a range of features that are becoming the expected standard in devices, which include a high-sensitivity 10Hz GPS that allows you to successfully mark up to 5000 waypoints. The GPS also has the advantage of being able to update its position 10 times every second which gives you much more clarity on your plotting screen which is essential, particularly at lower speeds. It differs from other compact fish finders with its 5 inch, VGA screen that boasts an impressive 480 x 680 pixel resolution.

With its convenient weight of 1.6lb and durability, there are three ways that The Echomap 50s can be mounted on the boat, which are the flush mount, the bail mount or the flat mount.


Garmin-echoMAP-50sNow getting down to the devices’ primary function, finding fish. The reason so many professionals choose to use The Echomap 50s is its patented technologies that it employs within the unit. It’s See-Thru® and Ultrascroll® technologies put the Echomap 50s above its competitors such as Humminbird and Lowrance. Its benefit is that it enables the users to not only see targets at high speed but also has the advanced feature of being able to capture the position of fish that are in deeper water or even covered, which is assisted by its adjustable depth line.

It also employs a fish identifier, which accurately identifies fish in the range of its sonar. It does that with ease and in no time. The water temperature sensor also logs and graphs temperatures at different points in the water.



The device is loaded with base maps and also has the ability for users to add maps themselves. It has card slots for Micro SD cards, which is advantageous in loading more maps onto the device. It is also wifi compatible.

The Garmin Echomap 50s runs at 200/77kHz and has a transmit power of 500W (RMS) / 4,000W (Peak to Peak). It has a maximum depth of 1,900ft in freshwater and 700ft in saltwater but that level is also dependent on water conditions in specific areas. This is a depth of nearly 500ft lower than its competitor the Lowrance Elite 5 DSI and costs around $50 less.


Every Echomap 50s device comes with the Echo Portable kit. This is the perfect accompanying accessory for the device, providing it with a soft sided carry case, which can hold any previous Echo series fish finder as well as the new Echomap 5 inch products. The portable kit also has space to hold batteries and a transducer, making it the perfect accessory in a bag.



Ultimately, this fish finder clearly has all of the required technology that makes it a fierce competitor to its peers in the compact marine GPS market. If you want a product that you can guarantee will provide you with durability, accuracy and a fair price tag then this device is one that you absolutely should consider. Whether this is your first compact fish finder or you are a seasoned professional, hopefully you find something worthwhile in this Garmin Echomap 50s Review.