Garmin 100 Fish Finder Review

  • Display
  • Sonar
  • Ease of use
  • Price

The Garmin 100 is yet another entry onto the fish finder market that is focused on providing excellent value alongside the fish locating abilities of other high-end products. Utilising sonar capabilities of similar products alongside fish location and water temperature readings, it provides a detailed and informative window into the world below your boat at a price that will be accessible for everyone with a keen interest for fishing.

Garmin 100 Fish Finder ReviewThe Screen

The 100 comes with a screen that is somewhat superior to its nearest competitors, the Humminbird 143 and 153. Being the same size, some 4 inches diagonal, where the 100 stands out is its colour palette depth. It has a two colour, blue-green screen which sounds simple but it works incredibly well, allowing you to spot fishes and structures below you with ease. Whilst the screen size could be larger, for those which have smaller boats the current specifications are more than adequate, with the screen also being visible in low and excessive light conditions.

The resolution is also similar to Humminbird products at 160 x 100 pixels, which only adds to the units usability. The definition of pictures on this device is frequently noted by user testimonials as also being exceptional despite the screen only having two integral colours. The refresh rate of the screen is also notable, being more than quick enough to keep the information you read up to date.

As with other fish finders in this price range, the backlight provided with the Garmin 100 is fantastic. In brighter light conditions, the screen remains perfectly legible due to the backlight adjusting to suit the conditions, whilst in lowlight conditions the screen remains bright enough without being overwhelming.

Garmin 100 sonarThe Sonar

Much like similarly priced products, the Garmin 100 only has a single sonar unit operating at 200kHz, allowing you to capture high levels of detail of the water below you. When this factor is combined with one of the best screens in its field for the price range, this makes the locating of fish and structures incredibly simple.

Being a Garmin product, this unit does come readily installed with the latest Garmin HD-ID technology. What this means is that capturing fish arcs and fish patterns is incredibly simple and incredibly detailed, further adding to the viability of this unit.

The scanning range is also right in-line with similar products in the field, operating at 60 degrees -10db which gives a large enough arc of scan, whilst allowing you as an angler to stay somewhat mobile on the water, searching for that favoured spot.

The Transducer

The transducer is one of the best found within its field. Being able to tell the temperature difference in the body of water below you is of vital importance and this is something that the Garmin 100 manages with ease. Coming as standard with the suitable hardware, trolling motor camp and a supporting bracket which it can be attached to, it has a frequency of some 200kHz and a cone angle of 60 degrees, making it ideal for a wide array of bodies of water. It is also superior to some of its closest competitors due to the 8 color grayscale screen, which is capable of displaying more temperature changes in the water than other units.

The depth reading abilities of the unit are also excellent, once again in part due to the screen which clearly shows depth readings and depth of the catch below you.

Power Unit

Despite providing a lot of bang for its buck the power requirements of this unit are surprisingly low, right in-line with other units for the price range. 100W is devoted to the sonar unit, with the unit running between 10 and 20V whilst in operation.

Other Usability Features

As previously noted, this is a compact unit with a smooth edged design, making it fight right in with the other mod-cons on your vessel. With the mounting bracket comes a quick release mechanism that allows the unit to be relocated and repositioned with ease.

There is also a fish finder alarm built into the unit. Once a catch is located, a distinct alarm will sound meaning that you can continue checking your lines and preparing your bait whilst you let the unit do its work.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Superior screen in all aspects to its nearest rivals
  • Much better sonar than near rivals, with better fish locating abilities
  • Good depth perception
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Handy fish alarm


  • No GPS tracker installed on the device
  • Whilst the single beam is better than its nearest competitors, one feels a dual beam would only be superior
  • Does not display the speed of the water below you


The Garmin 100 is an excellent piece of kit and one of the best value products in its field. Its screen is excellent, its depth reading is second to none compared to similarly priced products and it is a robust an durable unit, ensuring you will get many years of use out of its service. Whilst lacking a GPS tracker and dual beam sonar, there are more than enough advantages associated with this product for it to be recommended for all but the most experienced anglers. I hope you have enjoyed this Garmin Echo 100 review!