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The decision to start this site came to me after going through a journey of improving my fish catching. I was looking for the perfect device that would aid me in catching more fish. What I found was a great deal of information, which at first seemed a bit confusing, since I didn’t know much about fish finders. But as I searched, I gained quite a lot of knowledge about them. Also, trying to find the best unit that would be most suitable for my individual fishing style, I have tried different models from various brands.

I’ve been a professional angler for many years and during most of them fish finder have been a great aid for me in catching more fish.

If you’ve also decided to enhance your fishing experience and decided to get a fish finder, you have come to the right place. If this is your first time getting a fish finder and you don’t know much about how they work, you can start by looking through our buying guide. There I have listed features and factors that you should look for and consider. I also explain there how standard fish finders work.

If you are looking for the device that’s trending, that is the best this year, or you have a particular model in mind and you just want to check a review if it’s good, then you can jump to the reviews category. There you can find reviews by brand and of particular models.